May 31, 2020 | 12:21 am
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[HOWTO] Setup a SPA-3000 with Broadvoice Service

My Sipura SPA-3000 which is now a Linksys device wasn’t supported by BroadVoice beacuse the MAC address was listed as invalid for that device.

Using the manual SIP settings available on the BroadVoice website, I was able to get the device working.

The SPA config page has TONS of settings available on it, so it was all a little confusing at first.  Luckily, I have worked with VOIP in the past so it wasn’t overwhelming.

Login to your BroadVoice account and click on the “Account” tab.
Down at the bottom under “My Devices” click on “Show Settings”.
You should see some information like the following:

proxy_port: 5060
registrar_port: 5060
phone_number: 314754xxxx
auth_id: 314754xxxx
auth_password: AbCdEfGhI
DTMF: rfc2833 if available, fail over to InBand if rfc2833 not supported

  1. Plug in the SPA-3000 and plug in a telephone to the “Phone” port (make sure the phone is set to “tone”, not “pulse”)
  2. Pick up the handset and dial: **** (four asterisks)
  3. Wait 2 seconds and dial: 110#
  4. You will hear a voice that will tell you the IP address of the SPA-3000 deviceOpen a web browser and put that IP into the address bar (e.g.
  5. Click on the “advanced” link on the right side of the top menu
  6. Click on the “Line 1” tab
  7. Use the following settings (of course make sure it matches the information you got from the BroadVoice website)
    • Line Enable: Yes
    • Proxy:
    • Use Outbound Proxy:  Yes
    • Outbound Proxy:  (BroadVoice website says but change the – to a . or it won’t work)
    • Use OB Proxy In Dialog:  Yes
    • Register: Yes
    • Register Expires:  120
    • Display Name:  (Set to the name your account is under)
    • User ID:  (Set to phone_number from above)
    • Password:  (Set to auth_password from above)
    • Use Auth ID:  Yes
    • Auth ID:  (Set to auth_id from above)
    • DTMF Tx Method:  InBand
    • Click on “Submit All Changes”
  8. Unplug the power from the SPA-3000 for 10 seconds and then plug it back in

Your phone should now be registered.