May 27, 2020 | 9:40 pm
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[NEWS] Opting out of the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program Part III

In case you’ve not been following this particular series, I have been in a back and forth email discussion with the Microsoft Privacy team.  I am trying to get at the “telemetry” data that is being collected from a Windows 10 Home PC which is associated with my account.  On the install, I turned off all the privacy options which were presented to me by the installer and in the Settings panel.  From the initial request to the first non-automated response from Microsoft took just over 4 months:

Parts One and Two in this series.

So I received another follow up email from the Microsoft Privacy Team today:

Thank you for your email. Please find the requested information attached.
Best Regards,
Microsoft Privacy
Sounds good so far.  Hmm.  The attachment is a Word Document which contains screenshots of the type of data they collect but not the data itself.  Now keep in mind, I have disabled every single privacy option on this Windows 10 install and the events (1.2 Million of them!) are only for a 6 day period on a minimally used machine.  Also, the link they provide goes to a Technet article on how to set policies on Enterprise versions of Windows 10, not the Home or Pro versions.


Thank you for your inquiry. In order to search for information collected through your use of the Windows 10, we searched our database using the internal unique identifiers associated with your Microsoft account and located the information provided below. Please be advised that our search was limited to the information you provided.  If you have Microsoft accounts associated with email addresses that you have not included in your request, we cannot provide Windows 10 data related to such accounts until you have notified us of their existence and authenticated your ownership of those accounts. If you wish to view, edit or delete profile information for a Microsoft account, please visit and log in with the Microsoft account in question.

Device Name: roomba

There are four main parts of the data that is collected for each device: Device Session Properties, Census Data, and Event Volume and Types.

The Device Session Properties and Census Data shows the basic information about the computer hardware, operating system, IP address, and dates for the most recent session activity.  The following is the most recent Device Session Properties and Census data recorded for this device.

Census Data


Events Per Boot Session is the list of specific data points collected during a single time period or session. The Event Volume bar graph is a visual representation of the total number of events during each session. There are hundreds of thousands of various events that might be tracked depending on the software or the device that is running. A single event could be whether the user clicked the left or right mouse button or it could be the collection of a crash report because an application failed to launch. This information is collected and combined with the data of millions of other users to detect patterns of use, errors, and to develop improvements. The bar graph shows the events from a particular session. Individual events are only kept for 30 days but the graph showing cumulative data is retained for a longer period of time to show historical trends.  For more information regarding Windows 10 telemetry, please see here.
Events Logged per Boot Session


Event Volume







We hope that this information is satisfactory to you.  Thank you for taking time to reach out to Microsoft.


Best Regards,

Microsoft Privacy

Lots of information here regarding the type and amount of data collected.  Interesting, but not what I requested.

So naturally, I replied with:

Privacy Team,

This is only a listing of what type of data is collected.  My request was for the data itself, to have that data deleted, and for a tool or procedure to disable further data collection from my system.

The kb article linked to in the attachment is only for enterprise setups which  is of no use to me.

Please provide the information I requested.  I have ample space and bandwidth for a download.

Thank you

Once again,  will update when I receive a response.