May 30, 2020 | 10:15 pm
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[NEWS] Opting out of the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program

Well, I have sent an email via Microsoft’s Privacy Question web form ( with the following text:

I am providing notice that I wish to opt OUT of the customer experience improvement program.  I would also like a copy of all data collected from my computer so far, and then have that data expunged from Microsoft’s records with confirmation provided that this has taken place.  If the data cannot be deleted, I wish to be provided with a tool or utility which will either modify my copy of windows to stop data collection of telemetry and/or metrics, and/or be provided with a list of all software running on my system that is collecting data, the files, their locations, and a list of any systems/servers which to which that data is being collected.  I have a right to privacy on a computer system which I have lawfully purchased and I wish that right to be respected.

We’ll see how this goes, and if I receive any responses, they will be appended to this post.  If I receive a favorable response, or any response with information for which I have asked, I may follow up with a separate post.


Update:  Part II here