May 30, 2020 | 10:34 pm
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[How To] Magic Lantern on the Eye-Fi X2 Pro card

For the longest time, I have been looking for the solution to a problem.  The problem was, I had an 8Gb Eye-Fi X2 Pro SD card that was, apparently, not compatible with Magic Lantern.

Magic Lantern, by the way, is  a way to add pro level features to your non-pro Canon DSLR.

See, Canon DSLRs come in a few different grades.  First, you have the consumer grade cameras.  Things like the 500D, 600D, 700D.  Then you have the “semi-pro” cameras; 50D, 60D, 70D.  Finally, you have the “pro” versions:  5D, 6D, 7D.  In the pro versions, you also have revisions which keep the same basic overall physical characteristics, but provide additional features.  The current “state of the art” is the 5D MKIII.    I’d love one, but the pro versions cost into the several thousands of dollars.

Anyways, check out the Magic Lantern website and they give a pretty good overview of the additional features that are offered.

So.  I have an EyeFi X2 Pro 8Gb card which, as I understood, wasn’t compatible with Magic Lantern.   Something about the boot flag not being set properly since the EyeFi card has it’s own OS which is recognized by the Canon camera’s OS.   Looks like I  was wrong (Hey, it happens!).

So.  Here’s the way it works:

  1. Stick your EyeFi card into the USB adapter that comes with it.  I tried this in my build-in card reader but it just didn’t work properly.
  2. Download the EOS Card utility.
  3. Download the latest version of Magic Lantern for your camera and unzip it onto the EyeFi card’s root directory.
  4. Open the EOS Card Utility as an Administrator (Right click, Run As Administrator)
  5. Select your EyeFi card in the drop down and click on the big Magic Lantern button.
  6. Eject your card from the PC and toss it into your camera.
  7. Put the Camera in Manual mode (M on the dial on top), and turn on the camera.
  8. Press the Menu button and navigate to the Firmware Update Page.
  9. Select to update your firmware (don’t worry, it’s not really flashing your camera, it’s safe).
  10. When the Screen tells you it’s updated correctly, turn off the camera, remove the battery, and re-insert the battery.
  11. When you turn it back on, wait a second and then press the Trash Can Icon to access the Magic Lantern menu.
  12. Pay yourself on the back because you’ve just enabled a bunch of kick ass features on your “consumer” grade camera.

I’ll update this if anything changes, but for now, refer to the Magic Lantern wiki for info on what to do with your “new” camera 🙂