March 31, 2020 | 1:55 pm
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[HOWTO] Root your au Sharp IS03 android phone Part 4

Sorry about the delay in updating, I have been busy at work lately.

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded and installed the android sdk from google:

Second, download the following file: rootkit_is03_0430

Once those are downloaded and installed, you will need to drop to a command line.

The android SDK should be located somewhere like c:\android-sdk-windows\

The first time you run the android sdk, it should ask you about updating.  Let it do that since it will download the tools required (specifically adb, the android debugger).

Run the command:

adb devices

You should see your phone listed.  If you don’t see anything, make sure your phone is plugged in via usb and you have debugging enabled on the phone. (see my previous posts for how to do that).

Run the following commands:

adb push data_local /data/local
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/is03break
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/busybox
adb install jackpal.androidterm.apk
adb install Superuser.apk
adb shell /data/local/is03break

You should see something like the following:

[**] Gingerbreak/Honeybomb — android 2.[2,3], 3.0 softbreak
[**] (C) 2010-2011 The Android Exploid Crew. All rights reserved.
[**] Kudos to jenzi, the #brownpants-party, the Open Source folks,
[**] Zynamics for ARM skills and Onkel Budi

[**] donate to if you like
[**] Exploit may take a while!

[**] Modified for IS03/IS05 by
[+] Detected Froyo!
[+] Found system: 0xafd138bd strcmp: 0xafd1cb7d
[+] Found PT_DYNAMIC of size 280 (35 entries)
[+] Found GOT: 0x000152b8
[+] Using device /devices/virtual/block/stheno
[*] vold: 0094 GOT start: 0x000152b8 GOT end: 0x00015538
[*] vold: 0325 idx: -0002078

[!] dance forever my only one

adb shell
$ /data/local/tmp/sh

If you see the #, then you have root.   once you are at the root prompt, do the following:

# cd /data/local
# cat local.prop > /data/local.prop
# reboot

After this, any time you need root, you should be able to drop to a shell and type /dev/su and you will have root.

Now, this root does not allow just anything to run.  Due to restrictions in place on the IS03, you will lose some functionality on the phone (ezweb mail, etc…) if your phone is rooted.  There is an app that allows you to switch root access on and off when needed.

Here is the zip file containing the Root Switcher mentioned above.

Also included is a modified version of the Barnacle Wi-Fi tethering app.  It has been modified to work with the new su binary location.  Make sure you run the root switcher first!