May 27, 2020 | 7:35 pm
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[DOWNLOAD] Android TUIO Server

This post is just for mirroring a file that was found in this nuigroup post.

From the post:

I developed my first Android Applictation that sends TUIO data via Wifi to a receiver.
You can define your receiver easily by changing IP and Port.

It should work under Android 2.1.
It is in a beta stadium, a really good blob tracking is not implemented yet.

The file was linked via rapidshare and now the link and file is gone so I am mirroring it here.

Click here to download TuioAndroid_v05

The file is an apk, so just copy it to your phone.  If I can get ahold of the source, I will update this post with it.

Here is a qrcode if you want to download it directly from your android phone:

qrcode for TuioAndroid_v05.apk