May 27, 2020 | 8:01 pm
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[HOWTO] Root your au Sharp IS03 android phone Part 3

Well, some good news and some bad news.

As some of you may have noticed, there was an over the air (OTA) update for the IS03.  If you install that update, the method described in the previous posts will no longer work.  The following method however, will work on both pre and post update (as of 2011-02-10)

I have since re-attained root access via adb shell which was not available before.

I am using linux for this but the steps should be the same under windows:

  1. Download the exploit here: IS03root and extract it.
  2. > adb push IS03root /data/local/tmp (or you can use /sqlite_stmt_journals/)
  3. > adb shell
  4. $ cd /data/local/tmp
  5. $ chmod 777 ./IS03root
  6. $ ./IS03root
    killing adbd. (it should restart in a few seconds) It will kill your shell session, simply issue the commands below
  7. > adb remount (this remounts the filesystem rw)
  8. > adb shell
  9. #  (that’s your root prompt)

Please note that this root access is only available via the adb shell command, and will persist until you reboot the phone.

From here, we are back where we started. Unfortunately, the NAND protection stops us from actually modifying the system.

Also, issuing “adb reboot recovery” brings up a picture of an android with an explanation mark inside of a triangle. (It always did this)  It seems like the phone is looking for something on the system. Perhaps a rom image?

At this time, you can fully browse the system, make more rom dumps using dd, etc.. but you cannot push anything into the /system directory.

I will post again once I have found out more.