March 29, 2020 | 4:39 am
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[HOWTO] Fix Firefox 3 Empty Input Button Text

Recently, Firefox 3 was released, and I, being a Firefox fan, decided to upgrade.

So, open up Firefox 2 and downloaded the installer.  Installed it, opened up the new version, and suprise!:  input button text and dropdown menus were all screwed up!

No Button TextNo Dropdown list

Off to Google to search for the problem and how to fix it.  After all, I couldn’t be the ONLY person with this issue could I?

Turns out, there was no information to be had.

So, I fired up Chatzilla and headed to the KB section of, and started searching and asking questions.

Stumped a few people who gave some really good ideas and things to try, and finally it was suggested I file a bug at bugzilla.

Tried uninstalling FF3 and reinstalling.  Tried it a second time and this time checked the “Remove all my settings and personal information”.  Reinstalled FF3, same issue.

Ok, so that’s when the suggestion to put in a bug report came up.  I downloaded and installed FF2 (since for me FF3 was unusable) and had the same problem!  No button text and no dropdown lists.

Had to finally (ick!) open up IE6 to submit the bug report.

Once the report was submitted, someone in #firefox pointed out that I should try to manually create a new profile (firefox.exe -ProfileManager).  I created a new profile and *poof*  button text and dropdown menus were fixed.

Bug report is now closed and marked as invalid, however, if it happens again, I know what to look for.


Turns out, it was a corrupt profile, and not any fundamental issue with Firefox 3 or my system.